Thakur Export-Import

 Thakur Export-Import


Thakur Export-Import is a company registered on the name of it`s founder,
Sudhir Kumar Thakur at Berlin / Germany. This company has offices at
Berlin / Germany and at Mumbai / India. The aim of this new established company is to export used German technical machines to India and to import Indian organic vegetables, fruits, spices and various foodstuffs to Germany. 

The used German technical machines, such as turning machines, surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, break press machines, shearing machines, lathes, radial drills, VMC, CNC and basically anything in tool room are very interesting und useful for India. These machines, if at present out of order, can be repaired in India to use them or to sell them further. 

The diversity of Indian vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs is now well known in Germany. The rising quantity of Indian restaurant in Germany is the sign of the popularity of Indian foodstuffs here. A lot of German family will appreciate to have good offers of a variety of Indian organic vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs.



Thakur² (India, Germany)

Thakur² (India, Germany)




        Import of vegetables to Germany                             Export of machines to India

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